Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happiness is.......

...getting up early to go yard sale-ing (sp?) with Jay.

...helping him do paperwork.

...feeling baby's gentle kicks.

...having a hot cup of homebrewed Starbucks coffee.

...trying on maternity clothes from last pregnancy and finding new favorites I've bought since then.

...Roy smelling sweet and clean after getting a bath.

...the fresh smell after a gentle rain.

...waiting for the newest cousin to arrive sometime this month!

...homemade strawberry smoothies.

Life is good!


TW said...

Hello. Long time no post. :) Wow, you lead such a blissful life. Not me, my life is just one trial after another. :) Ha, just kidding - I'm pretty blessed.

Tricia Regar said...

How sweet! I love yard saling, too--however it's spelled. ;-) It feels like half of our house decorations (and quite a bit of Rachel's clothes) came from yard sales.
So excited for you about your new baby! Do you have any feelings about if it's a boy or girl? Did you have a girl name picked out for Roy?

Hannah said...

Yes, isn't yard sale-ing (or saling..:-) awesome! A lot of Roy's clothing and baby's (either boy or girl)I've found at yard sales. Very nifty! :-)

At first I thought baby was going to be a girl since this pregnancy is so different from last time but now I'm not sure. Either will be wonderful of course! :-)

We did have a list of boy and girl names picked out before Roy was born but it's been so long that I don't remember any of them. I'll have to dig that list out again and start thinking of others to add to it. :-D