Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I love being a Wife and Mother!!!

Wow! When I got married I knew it was going to be wonderful but I definitely had no idea how awesome it was really going to be. Taking care of my man and little guy is so fulfilling, I couldn’t imagine being a working Mom who says goodbye to her husband as he heads off to his work and she to hers, dropping her child (or children) off at daycare on the way.* I would feel crushed to know that someone else was pretty much raising my kid so I could sit in an office (or something like that) all day. What if I wasn’t there to greet Jay when he gets home from work and hang up his jacket for him? Or hold his hand while we pray for dinner? Or listen to how his day went? Or there to discover Roy’s first tooth coming through? Or see him start crawling? Or hear his first giggle? I couldn’t imagine missing any of that, well, actually I could and even the thought of it hurts. I would miss so much and it would be something I could never get back, something I would miss and never see again in this lifetime. 

What an amazing calling it is to be a wife and mother. I love taking care of my guys!

*Disclaimer* I’m not in any way bashing the women who work outside the home. What they do is completely up to them and is their own business. I’m only saying how I know it wouldn’t be right for me to be a working Mom and I’m glad I have the opportunity to be a housewife and stay at home.