Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's a Girl!!!!!

Baby arrived yesterday.....

Meghan Wardle
February 18th,
8lb. 2oz.  20 1/2" Long.

Such a precious little bundle and its absolutely adorable to watch big brother, Roy give her kisses on the cheek. Awwwww.......:-)


TW said...

I have to keep pulling up the pictures and looking at her, she is so darling!!!

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

Love you sis!

TW said...

It's me again. I just keep staring at this beautiful little girl. I love her so much already! I've kept your blog pulled up so I can keep taking peaks!

Goodnight wee one - and to all at your home. Sweet dreams.



Tricia Regar said...

AHH! I don't check your blog for a couple of weeks, and when I come back, you've gone and had a GIRL! And you've posted a toooon. I need to check here more often now! Congrats, Jay and Hannah!! Meghan's a beauty. :D How did the birth go? (Well, I sent you a fb message, so you can reply there... :))

Hannah Moss said...

Congratulations on an ADORABLE baby girl, Mrs. Leavitt!!!! :)