Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Gifts 2011

Here are the pictures as promised of all the Christmas goodies. Photo credit goes to T.W for kindly taking all the pictures since I'd forgotten and frantically called asking her to help me out. :-) Thanks sis!

White Chocolate Lemon Cream Cheese Truffles
These were so much fun to make and of course I made extras of everything to sample. Its not a good idea to make something to give when it might not turn out or something, right?. ;-)

Milk Chocolate Brownie Truffles
 Simple to make but very time consuming with all the freezing and such to make the chocolate workable. I want to try a version with caramel in the center sometime.

At left is the Lemon Curd, Then the Pumpkin Cranberry Bread and last is the Apple Butter.
Oh, writing up this post is making me hungry!!!

Oops, I hear Little Man waking up from his nap. I'll "talk" to ya'll again soon!

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