Thursday, January 20, 2011

My new truck.

I've had it for a few months and I absolutely love it! For starters I feel taller than everyone else on the road and for someone who is always being teased about being short, it's a grand feeling! :-D Plus, getting Roy in and out of the back is so much easier with 4-doors instead of only 2-doors and that is wonderful to me. Now I just need to start lifting weights so I can reach his car-seat to get him in and out! (Just kidding! It is tall but I don't have any trouble. Honest! ;-) Another good thing is that I feel like I could go anywhere in it and I won't get stuck, snow and ice don't seem to trouble "Lariat" and even though I'm still cautious in aforementioned conditions I feel much safer knowing I won't get stuck trying to drive up an icy mountain and start sliding backwards and sideways towards the drop-off. (Its happened before in a Mini-van and lets just say it was a little worrisome, trying to brake when you're sliding and nothing's happening makes for a interesting drive to say the least.;-) Anyways, I really like it and it is an awesome truck.


Dirty (And no, I didn't go mudding, that's all from driving on our driveway. :-)

 Nice and clean!

 Do any of my readers think I post about too many odd things? ;-)


Hannah Moss said...

I love your wide variety of posts. Keep it up! :)

TW said...

Odd? Darling, come over and visit me. :)

Uh, I like the clean picture best. I'm just saying....."But then you know me, don't you?" :)

Hannah said...

Thanks girls!

And yes TW, I do know you!!! ;-) And very funny you are too! :-P

Hah! I never knew my truck had a tan stripe down the side till after it was washed. Hmmm....I like it!