Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A fun, but simple project!

A Lampshade!!! I'd been searching for the perfect lampshade to go with a lamp I'd bought at a thrift store but hadn't been able to find one I liked. Finally I decided that if I couldn't buy one, I'd make one and I bought the frame at our local JoAnn's along with a yard of moss colored burlap. The shade was sticky so it was incredibly easy to cover and then I hot glued the edges down. I think it goes very well with the decor in our little cabin and its green which makes it all the better. Now I'm thinking about covering a bigger shade with burlap for another lamp I have but don't quite care for the style of shade.....someday I might tackle it but for now it'll stay the same I'm afraid.

I know this isn't the most grand project but I was so excited about the way it turned out I just had to share. Oh and the basket next to the lamp was made many years ago by my husband. Yep, he's very talented in many things! :-)


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Very nice - I like the combination of the more elegant lamp with the rustic shade.